Optimising the value chain, with respect for people and the environment

Suiker Unie has set up initiatives for making processes and products more sustainable within the framework of Royal Cosun's sustainability programme. This programme is underpinned by three guiding principles: Good stakeholdership - Care for people, Sustainable Sourcing & Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability.

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These guiding principles encompass the main areas of focus in relation to sustainability at Suiker Unie, namely supply chain responsibility, sustainable cultivation, care for the environment and social commitment. 
In concrete terms this means engaging in a dialogue with the parties around us in order to create a sustainable landscape, minimising our environmental impact throughout the supply chain through continuous innovation and growing our most important raw material, the sugar beet, in the most sustainable way by collaborating intensively with our growers. Motivated and highly qualified employees at Suiker Unie work together in a healthy and productive environment to achieve these ambitions and continuously look to the future. We would like to take you on a journey to discover how Suiker Unie already addresses these aspects and explain our vision of continuous development for the future.