Quality assurance

Sugar beet growing

Quality assurance at Suiker Unie starts at the sugar beet growers. They can only supply sugar beet to us if they have a food safety certificate. The certificate guarantees, among other things, that the sugar beet is not grown on contaminated land. Furthermore, the use of legally permitted fertilizers and their dosage is verified. The certificate also guarantees that the beet seeds comply with the requirements set by Suiker Unie. 


The central focus of the quality management system of Suiker Unie, which is ISO 22000 certified, is food safety. To ensure that safety, we dispose of a well-implemented HACCP system. Our factories have attained BRC accreditation, IFS accreditation (which are standards that apply to suppliers to supermarkets), or ISO 22000 certification. In addition, all production sites are certified, as far as animal feed is concerned, according to the locally applicable standard, GMP+ or QS.

Our quality control does not stop at our own processes. Sugar beet growers and suppliers of process aids, technical materials, packing materials and services are closely involved in the quality and food safety.

Other certificates 
- Environment according to ISO 14001 

Tracking  & Tracing (T&T)

Our raw materials and end products can be identified in the entire production chain. For that purpose, Suiker Unie uses an computerized Tracking & Tracing system (T&T). This system enables us to quickly discover how a product was made and where it is located. From sugar beet to silo and from silo to customer. 
With this system, Suiker Unie fulfils the traceability requirements of the General Food Law (GLF) for the food and animal feed industry and the ISO and BRC standards. In the T&T system, important information is available online 24 hours a day.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

An optimal production process is essential for a sustainable management. That is why Suiker Unie has implemented Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). In this system, employees of Suiker Unie make improvements to the processes as a team. With TPM, we increase the productivity and reduce losses and residuals.