Suiker Unie leads in promoting sustainability

Suiker Unie and the sugar beet, a natural product, are practically synonymous with each other. So, as a company, Suiker Unie has always felt responsible for conserving nature and protecting the environment, people and our society in the interest of future generations. In fact, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a key element of our core activities as a beet grower cooperative for many years. Our primary process, the production of sugar, goes hand-in-hand with economic objectives, social responsibility and care for the environment. Customers and consumers can rely on honest, safe and sustainable products.

Sustainability in practice
This website provides more information about the sustainability topics which are important to us. Suiker Unie works to promote sustainability in all divisions of the organisation. The videos below show recent examples of how Suiker Unie applies sustainability in practice. These images give you an impression of the importance of sustainability within our company and may inspire you to support us in taking further action to create a sustainable world.


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Plant and Planet

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